Financial Coaching - What is it?  Are you just trying to sell me something?

There is so much noise in today's financial world that it is tough to know who is trying to help and who is just trying to sell you a product.  For successful individuals and small business owners alike, this problem is magnified as salesman view the relationship as a potential well that will never run dry. 

It shouldn't be this way.  Many folks have been burned in the past and only come to realize a mistake has been made after the insurance product, expensive annuity, or the mutual fund with unbelievable commissions have been purchased.  I want to help you navigate the complex financial world so you don't make these same mistakes or make them a second time!

Some areas many people have questions about and need help with include:

• I’m drowning in debt, please help me get out!

• I’m making a nice living, but not saving any money for the future. What should I do?

• I've been burned by financial salesmen disguising themselves as financial planners. Can you provide me with the education necessary to make informed decisions without trying to sell me anything?

• My payroll company is trying to sell me on their 401(k), is that best for my situation?

• I’m trying to decide between a 401(k) and SIMPLE IRA.  Can you help educate me on the pros and cons for each?

• How much money will I need in retirement and how much should I be saving each year to reach those goals?  

• My insurance guy is trying to sell me an annuity. Is that a good idea?

• What is the best way to save for my kid’s college education?

The goal of financial coaching is to provide education allowing you to make informed, sound financial decisions. I have no products to push or insurance to sell. I want to help you get a handle on your complete financial picture!

how much do these services cost?

Most people are under the impression that their financial planner/broker/insurance agent provides advice for "FREE!"  This couldn't be further from the truthjust need some help sorting through the crazy financial landscape.  This can include a review of their current situation and an action plan going forward.