1. Do you just work with business owners?

No, we also help individuals with their tax and financial needs and enjoy it!


2. I don’t live in the Springfield, MO area.  Can we still work together?

Yes, we work with small businesses all over the country.  With all the technology available today, we can work together seamlessly whether you are local or not.

3. How often will we meet together?

This depends on the level of service you desire. If you choose us to do your outsourced accounting work, we will collaborate monthly or weekly. If you just want tax compliance and planning, usually that will include a meeting late in the year followed by tax preparation in February or March. All our services come with unlimited email and phone correspondence for no additional charge. We always want you to to feel free to pick up the phone if you have questions or concerns.

4. How do I pay for your services?

If you are on a monthly retainer package, we automatically withdraw the funds from your checking account or credit card each month. If we provide services on a per project basis, the final bill will be due upon completion.  If you’d like to cancel service, we ask that you do so by giving a 30 day notice.

5. Bookkeeping is easy and simple, why should we outsource to you?

You are correct that the basics of bookkeeping are not difficult. Intuit has tried convincing the world it is so easy, anyone can do it, but we've found the opposite to be true in our practice. More often than not, we end up spending a lot of time during tax preparation trying to correct and reconcile the books that were prepared by the business owner.  Unfortunately, the additional time it takes to make the needed adjustments create additional cost that are billed separately. 

Most small business owners start their company based on a dream and vision that they have.  Outsourcing bookkeeping allows you, the business owner, to focus on what you do best and allows us to partner with you to provide accurate and timely financial records. We take your business' numbers and transform them into actionable insights highlighting key performance indicators, benchmarks, and comparisons so you can see how your business is performing in real time. 

Due to advances in technology, we’re able to provide these services at a fraction of the cost from traditional compilation services provided by many CPAs. The decision comes down to this: Is your time better spent performing an extra service each month or spent doing bookkeeping, payroll, and other back office tasks?  I'll leave the decision up to you! 

6. Are we a good fit to work together?

That depends. 

We will likely NOT be a good fit if:

• You want us to help you do illegal things like lie, cheat, or steal.

• You want to talk about politics and how you think they relate to my services.  

• You’d rather get your tax, accounting, and financial info from “your buddy who owns a mechanic shop” instead of picking up the phone and giving us a call.

We will likely work great together if:

• You want a professional team who provides ongoing planning, support, and advice for an affordable fee.  

• You’d like help understanding how your personal financial situation is impacted by your small business.

• You want to outsource many of the back office accounting headaches that you hate doing each month.

• You want a CPA to provide tax, accounting, and financial information to help you make informed decisions as you do life.

  • Note:  This isn't a comprehensive list, but rather an overview of some of the characteristics of clients that get the most out of our services.

7. Do you charge a fee for an initial consultation?

No, we will not charge you for an initial phone consultation.  If our initial call runs past 30 minutes, we will set up a meeting and will give you an idea of fees before we meet (no surprises!).


As other questions come up, I'd be glad to answer them!  Feel free to give me a call at 417-379-1076.  You can also use the Contact Form to drop me a note.